Smart LED street lights in Guangzhou, China.

November 20, 2017 by John Hatcher
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Smart LED street lights in Guangzhou, China.

Guangdong Rongwen Energy Technology Group (Rongwen) and Silver Spring Networks, have announced their decision to connect smart LED street lights in Guangzhou, China. Through its partnership with Rongwen, Silver Spring is planning to network more than 30,000 LED street lights in Guangzhou.

According to Rongwen, its efficient and patented LED street lights and outdoor lighting controls, combined with Silver Spring’s StreetLight.Vision (SLV) Central Management System (CMS), will increase the city’s energy savings by more than 70%. The project is China’s first smart city project using Silver Spring’s secure, reliable, IPv6 platform and Wi- SUN standards-based mesh technology, built on the IEEE 802.15.4g specification.
“Rongwen is using Silver Spring’s pioneering smart city platform to provide seamless IoT connectivity to more efficiently operate existing city-wide resources to achieve immediate cost savings and speed time to value for smart city initiatives,” said Zhixiong Lee, general manager of Rongwen. “As one of the early movers in smart street lighting system integration, Rongwen is the first company in China that adapts and deploys internationally recognized smart city technologies. We believe that the scalability and sustainability of this system will allow cities such as Guangzhou to grow their network to millions of devices in the future.”

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