Siemens develops BIM data material

February 17, 2017 by John Hatcher
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Siemens develops BIM data material

Digitalization is finding its way into the construction industry through Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a digitally assisted process for planning, constructing and operating buildings; it is giving the construction industry a strong productivity boost and is expected to gain in importance over time.

Siemens Building Technologies division has developed BIM data material suitable for this planning method.
BIM data from Building Technologies is currently available for more than 1,200 products including field devices, automation, KNX and fire safety products. More data is being added. By mid-year, the BIM data pool will encompass more than 2,000 products.
Currently, the data is available in the Autodesk REVIT format; it can also be converted to the open IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes), the VDI format or the CIBSE format (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) commonly used in the UK. The records meet the criteria of ISO16757 (previously VDI3805). Additional information on individual products can be downloaded from the Siemens Download Center using the link integrated in each BIM record.
Siemens makes the BIM data available free of charge to planners and other interested parties. It can be downloaded from After download, data will automatically be kept up-to-date.


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