Siemens adds location-based services for buildings

September 20, 2017 by John Hatcher
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Siemens adds location-based services for buildings

The Siemens Building Technologies Division says it is adding location-based services to its digital service offering for buildings. These services link existing building infrastructures and processes with location-specific data.

Siemens says that this benefits all building users: People working in the building enjoy enhanced comfort. For example, they are now able to use a smartphone app to individually control the room temperature and lighting in their immediate vicinity or find and reserve an available meeting room nearby. Location-based services help visitors find their way around a building more quickly and obtain the information they need. In addition, these services dramatically improve the operational processes in a building, optimizing room utilization, simplifying emergency evacuations and making building maintenance more efficient. Beyond that, it is easier to protect assets against loss or theft, take inventory and locate them at any time. This is important, for instance, to quickly find mobile medical equipment in a hospital.
“Location-based services are an ideal addition to our existing portfolio for efficient and safe buildings. We turn buildings into places where people are comfortable and able to work productively. At the same time, these services help optimize processes in companies,” says Eike-Oliver Steffen, head of the solution business for the Siemens Building Technologies Division.
Siemens is developing its offering for location-based services in close co-operation with Infsoft. Infsoft’s platform covers a variety of technological options and use cases, including indoor positioning using Bluetooth beacons and highly accurate asset tracking via ultra-wideband.

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