Powerstar announces new partnership with Thorne & Derrick

March 26, 2019 by John Hatcher
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Powerstar announces new partnership with Thorne & Derrick

Powerstar has announced a new partnership with Thorne & Derrick International to help bolster its smart transformers offering for energy conscious businesses, allowing them to improve their existing high voltage (HV) infrastructures, maximise efficiencies and reduce electricity consumption and costs with a solution that enables real-time asset monitoring to assess performance and operation.


As one of the largest specialist distributors and worldwide exporters of electrical, process, and instrumentation equipment for industrial and hazardous areas, Thorne & Derrick distribute in excess of 100,000 products from over 100 manufacturers globally.
The partnership will facilitate knowledge sharing between the two companies and enable them to collaboratively promote the range of fit-for-purpose solutions and services available to I&C customers, such as Powerstar SO-LO, a super low loss amorphous core smart transformer with remote monitoring capabilities.

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