New lighting chip launched

February 25, 2015 by John Hatcher
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New lighting chip launched

Chip and sensor manufacturer Ams has launched the AS7211 chip, which luminaire manufacturers can integrate into lighting systems, both as a networked autonomous daylighting manager and as a platform for integrating a range of other sensors used in smart-building energy-management applications. Autonomous daylighting uses photopic sensors to constantly adjust lighting output based on the amount of natural, ambient daylight.

Photometry is the measurement of visible light, and photometric sensors measure lighting conditions in places where the human eye is the main receiver, such as the level of illumination shed on workspaces, or even on television screens. (Photopic sensors are used to adjust a television's display in response to changes in ambient light, for example.) These systems reduce the amount of energy required to illuminate a space, while also ensuring that the lighting output is adequate and consistent.

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