Energy efficient building technologies market set for growth

October 23, 2017 by John Hatcher
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Energy efficient building technologies market set for growth

Navigant Research has published a report “Market Data: Energy Efficient Buildings – Europe”, where it analysed the markets for energy efficient building technologies in Western and Eastern Europe and it found that the market is expected to grow from $83.5 billion in 2017 to $111.9 billion in 2026.

The study focused on seven product types; HVAC, lighting, building controls, water efficiency, water heating, building envelope, and other and two service types; commissioning and installation.
Tom Machinchick, principal research analyst at Navigant Research commented: “Europe has been a global leader in sustainability legislation and initiatives, with commercial buildings playing an essential role in meeting ambitious targets set for 2020”.
He added: “Intelligent digital building technologies will be necessary for Europe to continue toward its long-term goals of significantly increasing efficiency while reducing overall carbon emissions. A certain level of efficiency can be attained with relative ease, but as future efficiency targets get deeper, so must the building efficiency projects and the technologies that support those efforts.”

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