Data acquisition made simple

August 31, 2018 by John Hatcher
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Data acquisition made simple

Data acquisition has been made simple with the new multi-protocol SIP+ Data Acquisition hardware from Synapsys Solutions. The SIP+ Data Acquisition product can gather high volumes of real-time data from a wide variety of plant, sensors, meters and systems such as gas, electricity, temperature, biomass, humidity, power usage meters etc at regular intervals.

In comparison to some other products on the market, building data can be effectively captured at synchronised time stamps as quick as every five minutes or actual time stamps i.e. at the time the data on the networks are polled. With so much data being collected, reports can be generated and sent via e-mail to a maximum of 20 recipients, FTP or queried directly via MySQL.

Another useful feature is the ability to see how the Trend network has been performing thanks to the new network diagnostics report available from the device.

What’s more, SIP+ Data is a flexible and cost-effective solution as it has been designed for receiving and transmitting data via multiple protocols such as Modbus, M-Bus, BACnet and Trend.

An added benefit is that the building data recorded by this hardware can be used by any third-party device, such as a data analytics provider. This enables smart-thinking building owners and managers to determine patterns, trends and anomalies in building performance and manage their site to a greater degree by making strategic decisions for improvements.

Sean Samuel for Synapsys Solutions said: “Data acquisition is critical for successfully optimising buildings, but it doesn’t need to be a complex task. By using our new SIP+ Data Acquisition hardware, crucial building data is gathered and can be used practically, to identify peaks and troughs in energy consumption. As a result, improvements can be implemented to lower costs.”

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