Council monitors trends

May 29, 2015 by John Hatcher
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Council monitors trends

The World Green Building Council has launched the new World Green Building Trends survey, conducted in partnership with Dodge Data & Analytics.

The research is a follow-up to the 2013 SmartMarket Report, and provides valuable data that helps the WGBC to measure the value of its collective work and the potential impact of sustainable building.

The survey will offer key insights on construction activity around the world by examining important trends affecting and transforming the construction industry on a global, regional and national level. Most critically, the survey will provide information on the benefits experienced in green construction globally and the variation of green practices and standards by region.

The results of the survey will be launched at Greenbuild in November and will be disseminated worldwide to professionals in over 90 countries. Results will also be used to produce a new, updated World Green Building Trends SmartMarket Report.

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